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Teaching is Like Trying to Hold Fifty Corks Underwater at the Same Time

There are moments educators realize 'It is their circus and those are their monkeys'. When that happens, teachers will  need a  Ringmaster at your next conference to provide a few tricks of the trade to help make the school year spectacular! 

Wine Me Up and Watch Me Go

Using the inspiration behind the book I Teach Therefore I Wine, Christina Hammons will motivate teachers to teach; in turn motivating students to learn.

Red, White, and Blush Moments Call for a Professional

I Teach Therefore I Wine describes moments educators encounter that are maddening and has them seeing red, inspiring and has them seeing white, and embarrassing resulting in a little blush. Through tongue and cheek tales educators will be schooled on how to handle such memorable moments. 

Once Upon a Wine

I Teach Therefore I Wine pairs teaching moments with the perfect wine label. This seminar session will pair  literacy lessons with the perfect children's book.

Nine-Wine-Wine...What’s Your Emergency?

A custom tailored session will be designed to fit your educational needs.

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