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It takes a village to raise children and a network to educate them.Whether you are looking for individualized professional development sessions to reinforce instructional tools and techniques or ongoing consultant services to support your educators throughout the school year, let's team up and talk shop. Together we are better!

Professional Development


Team Building

There is strength in numbers. This PD course is designed to build bridges amongst educators so they can be a strong support system for one another as they, together, continue to nurture and grow our future. 

Linking Literacy To Life

Literacy is embedded in everything we do. This PD opportunity is designed to provide tips, techniques, and tidbits, along with lesson ideas, to teachers on ways to grow readers, writers, and thinkers in their classroom.  

Teach Like An Author

Authors are our greatest mentors. This PD session provides teachers with the knowledge and skills they need to teach their writers to write like an author.

Mystery Boxes Reveal Critical Thinking

Help build a foundation of love for literacy as you explore the magic inside Mystery Boxes. Literacy Mystery Boxes are designed to engage the most reluctant of readers, build comprehension skills, enhance critical thinking, and connect reading with writing. Explore first-hand the mystery of these boxes, learn to lead your readers as they create their own, and leave this workshop with a digital mystery box for immediate implementation.

Once Upon A Time I Taught This Really Great Lesson

A children's book is so much more than just a read aloud. This PD course will share methods on how to design  lessons for all ages around  favorite picture books.

R.A.C.E.C.A.R.S. - Rules of the Road for Revision and Editing

This session will share a concept Christina Hammons developed called R.A.C.E.C.A.R.S. - Rules of the Road for Revision and Editing. This acronym houses tips and techniques writers use on their way to becoming expert editors and stronger authors. This concept supports that R.A.C.E.C.A.R.S. are found throughout all written communication and are only a problem when they are not following the 'Rules of the Road'. R.A.C.E.C.A.R.S. can cause 'wrecks' in sentences. Through an engaging practice of keeping an eye out for R.A.C.E.C.A.R.S., writers learn to read with caution, spot potential 'wrecks', make 'repairs' and ultimately communicate more effectively through written works. 

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