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Janice Davis - Christina Hammons - Marci Gober


But First...Wine  

Mix and Mingle

Wine & Teacher Friends Make the Perfect Blend


Love the Wine You're With

Team Building Challenge 

Wine Goes In & Wisdom Comes Out

Red, White, and Blush Confessions

Work Is What Happens Between Coffee & Wine

Curriculum Tip/Tool/Technique

Wine Is the Answer But I Forgot the Question

Teacher Trivia

Wine Me Up and Watch Me Go

Motivational Launch



W& TF Workshop: Unlocking the Mystery of Student Engagement and Integrated Instruction

4:30pm - 7pm

Whitley Vineyards Montgomery, TX

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W& TF Workshop: Unlocking the Mystery of Student Engagement and Integrated Instruction

A Wine & Teacher Friends Workshop, designed by teachers for teachers who are all about pour planning! For $15+tax our teacher friends receive: a glass of wine (your choice!), teacher friends, authentic K-12 classroom tips/techniques/tools, 2 hours professional development! Sign up now!

4:30pm - 7pm

Whitley Vineyards Montgomery, TX

About Us

"There is no friend like a teacher friend!"


Christina Hammons, author of I Teach, Therefore I Wine, has teamed up with Janice Davis and Marci Gober, two of her winiest teacher friends, to bring Wine & Teacher Friends Workshops to a winery or vineyard near you! W&TF Workshops are designed by educators for educators with authentic collaboration without judgement, a forum to speak freely, and the opportunity to connect with other educators for instructional tips, techniques, and tools that are teacher tried, true, and approved.

With over 40 years combined cross-curricular experience, this winey bunch made the pour decision to design and deliver professional development for educators worthy of celebration. Knowing differentiation is the cornerstone of education, every component of a wine & teacher friends workshop can easily be modified to fit the instructional needs of any K-12 classroom. 

These three winey women understand the demands of the profession. They have personally experienced the moments that have educators seeing RED. They have relished in the moments where a WHITE light beams, and they have experienced moments that made them BLUSH. They love what they do, even when they think they don't, because they know without a doubt that whether days leave teachers seeing the glass half full or half empty, there is still more room for wine!

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